Successfully Avoiding Anything Planned

Church Successfully Plays Video on First Attempt; Wows Congregation


In a feat congregants attribute to “a just act from a merciful God,” the tech team of Emmanuel Church of the Crossroads successfully played a video during it’s 8:30am service on the first attempt.

“As soon as Pastor Alex turned our attention to the screen during his sermon I braced myself for at least 30 to 45 seconds of silence,” said long time member Ben McAllister, “but the silence never came.  No blue screen.  No spinning load icon.  Not a single side cough slow head swivel toward the back….nothing.  It just played.”

As the slideshow of the Young at Hearts ministry picnic began, audible gasps were heard as pictures of church members age 55 and above tossing horseshoes rotated seamlessly.

“My jaw hit the communion cup holder,” Gale Simmons, another in attendance said, “I just could not believe what I was seeing.  It was like how you’d imagine a video playing in heaven.”

Jason Carlson, the tech team Spring intern who cued the video was just as awestruck.

“I felt like yeah, it was my finger that clicked the mouse, but we all know who really started the video here this morning.  I’d be a fool to take credit away from the Holy Spirit.”

72-year-old Deborah Davis who’s been attending church for over 40 years explained how she never thought she’d live to see this day.

“I tell you when you’ve been going to church as long as I have you think you’ve seen it all.  But when that video started to play right away like that…I sat there and gave my life to Jesus all over again.  It truly affirms miracles are possible in the here and now.”

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  1. Ok, so this is a real thing. I once was in a choir that was visiting a church and we had a technical difficulty with a video. Our choir director asked the pastor, “What should we do?”, thinking they had a tech guy with a back-up plan. The pastor put his head down and said, “Just pray.” Several of us laughed at what we thought was a joke. Fortunately a tech-savvy choir member quickly fixed the problem. When the pastor’s head came up Jesus had worked a miracle and the problem had been remedied!”