Successfully Avoiding Anything Planned

The Neumatics



Digital Album
Artist: The Neumatics
Released: Making heads bob in cars since 2005. Tracks 1-3 recorded at some dude named Dave's. Track 4: Mystery Street Recording Co. Chicago, IL.


Track Play Song Title Lyrics File Download
1 Play Track Code Blue
2 Play Track All Hail The Gossip Kings and Queens
3 Play Track So Cliche
4 Play Track Island Getaway



Hailing from Second City, the Neumatics have been unleashing our blend of guitar-driven rock and roll since March 2005.  Refusing to use such terminology as  “disbanded” or harsh relational verbage like “break-up,”  we’ve chosen the less poignant “indefinite hiatus.”  We played many venues around Chicago and even received the following review of our EP by some random writer on the internet:

The Neumatics are a four-piece rock band from Chicago. Since their first gig in 2005 they have played a number of local venues. This six-track EP is their first release. The production is not as high as it could be, as the lyrics are slightly muffled, but what comes over is seriously good fun. The second track, “So Cliché”, is bouncy and energetic and starts with a lyric something about not taking themselves too seriously! Track four begins with “Please step to the front of the hall, the show is about to start”. With thumping basslines and crunchy guitar riffs, this is a case of getting the audience bouncing along. I can imagine that any one of their gigs is likely to be raucous fun. I still have no idea what the title means but the guitar playing made it enjoyably boisterous stadium rock.

I may just use that for my epitaph.

Like most bands who haven’t played together for a while, we still have a Facebook page.

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