Successfully Avoiding Anything Planned


 Marty that was very interesting music



Throughout high school,  college,  and into adulthood,  singing and writing words to punk,  ska,  and rock music was pretty much all I thought about.  My math teachers voted me most likely to space out.  Some may deem these genres the trinity of sonic repugnance; for me guitar distortion,  vivacious drums,  and tinnitus inducing horn lines create the soundtrack for all things good.

I also have an affinity for trance and 80’s synth-pop,  but never had the hair or dance moves for it.  Not to mention the tight pants.

I was lucky to meet like-minded friends who could actually play instruments.  I was the singer for three bands:  Threefold CordThe Neumatics, and Turbo Pascal. These bands reunite periodically depending on which one of us is going through an early mid-life crisis.




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